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There is a right axe for your cutting task

  • Pro Splitting Axe

    A professional-grade hickory splitting axe for heavy-duty chopping...
    DSRP: $103.49
  • Pro Splitting Maul

    A professional-grade splitting maul for splitting large chunks of...
    DSRP: $103.49
  • Pro Universal Forestry Axe

    Professional-grade axe for felling, light splitting and limbing.
    DSRP: $103.49
  • Woodcutter Camp & Forestry Hatchet

    A lightweight hatchet for use around the home, farm or ranch
    DSRP: $33.49
  • Woodcutter Splitting Maul

    A splitting maul made to break apart wood without breaking the bank
    DSRP: $55.49
  • Woodcutter Universal Forestry Axe

    An all-purpose forestry axe that’s suited for a wide range of...
    DSRP: $44.49
  • PA 20 Splitting Hatchet

    A wood splitting hatchet that’s ideal for creating kindling...
    DSRP: $56.99
  • PA 50 Splitting Axe

    This splitting axe is specially weighted and contoured for making...
    DSRP: $82.99
  • PA 80 Splitting Maul

    A large splitting maul that’s heavy enough for driving wedges...
    DSRP: $94.49
  • PA 100 Felling Axe

    A lightweight felling axe with a slim blade designed to chop wood...
    DSRP: $88.49